About Us
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We are a consulting practice focused upon the creation of new cultural organisations, and on the revitalization of existing organisations.

We specialise in six key areas: museums, art galleries, libraries, heritage sites, tourism attractions, and multifunctional cultural centres.

We are led by Neil Anderson (B.A Hons), and we join with other companies when consortia are the best way to meet client needs. We meet with clients at your convenience, and at locations that are best for you, and via webcam.

Offices are located in New Zealands capital, Wellington. Our work is primarily undertaken within Australia and New Zealand.

Neil Anderson commenced his career in the cultural sector in 1986. He undertook his first major project as Head of Interpretation for the ground-breaking Te Papa Museum of New Zealand project. Since opening in 1998 Te Papa has been the busiest museum site in Australasia, and per capita, one of the most visited national museums globally.

He followed with Project Director roles, creating the new Woodhorn complex in Northern England, and undertaking the re-organisation and capital projects for Auckland Museum.

Major projects have recently been completed for the Tjapukai Revitalisation Project (Cairns), Parramatta Cultural Centre Project (Western Sydney), Te Papa Vision Project, and the State Library of Victoria.